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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Medieval Balls & Gowns

So I have grown completely obsessed with anything to do with medieval balls and masquerade balls and most of all the dresses!!
Such as these:


These music videos are both themed in which sort of thing I'm talking about, I love both the songs...Probably the second one a little better though

Hearts and Happy Things

I realized I had a bunch of pictures of hearts in my pictures folder, so lets get themed shall we?


The picture below was taken by a friend of mine

Taken by the same friend


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello again,

For some reason I could not get my old blog to do anything! some form of error always came up! so here I am with a new one! simple as that.

Though I don't blog hardly at all...At 11:46 pm, I'm feeling creative, so here we are.

This is my new favorite song, and inspiration for my tittle. I find it extremely soothing and relaxing. I'll probably get tired of it within a day because I've been listening to it so much.
Its off the new album of the up-coming movie New moon, which yes, I am a huge fan of (the books mostly).

I have read all of the Twilight books and became one of those annoying fangirls about them.
But I gotta say in all honesty, the movie Twilight completely destroyed the book. From the poor acting
to the terrible re-made lines, it was much more of a comedy when I went to see it with my friends for the first time. Aside from all this, the new movie looks 100% better and as though it might actually match up to the book.

So sadly I must say, I will be attending the midnight showing for this movie...I remember making fun of people who were this obsessed over these books before I read them myself... -Sigh-